Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion is a conservative alternative to the needle and drill that uses a fine stream of an abrasive(aluminum oxide) to gently sand decay away, leaving more healthy tooth structure intact.  Most often, we use this technique to treat small cavities, decay around margins of old composite fillings, and to prepare the chewing surface of a tooth for a sealant.  Typically, we do not need to use anesthesia with this procedure,  allowing for several teeth to be restored at one visit, reducing the amount visits for the patient.  Unfortunately, Air Abrasion cannot be used to treat all cavities nor can it be used to prep teeth for large restorations, such as inlays, onlays and crowns.  We typically use this method on children, giving them a gentle exposure to having a cavity fixed without all the "scary stuff".  Ultimately leading to less dental anxiety as our patients grow up.

When having a decay removed by Air Abrasion you will need to wear protective eye wear to prevent any eye irritation from the abrasive powder that may spray outside of the mouth.  We use high volume suction and an air purifier to help control this as well.  After the procedure is complete, you might notice a slight gritty feeling left behind.  Don't worry, after rinsing, this quickly disappears.  When you leave, your new restoration will be ready for use!  No waiting for anesthesia to wear off or material to cure.


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